Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Escape To Jekyll Island

A new dress for a new year in gorgeous Jekyll Island, GA (scroll down for outfit details):

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven11_zps8daa9c20.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven12_zps80fbd4c0.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven13_zps6f8f6227.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven14_zpsd27077c2.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven15_zpsa59f1075.jpg  

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven16_zps477325c4.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven17_zps87be1dd8.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven18_zpsa870cd16.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven19_zpsbeba62c6.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven20_zpsa7ee5ca7.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven21_zpsb6f94c4f.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven22n_zps134534b2.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven23n_zps1183ae4a.jpg 

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven24_zpsd2c27bdc.jpg

    photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven25_zps3416afd5.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven26_zps2638ed8d.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven27_zps5eeaaa3d.jpg  

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven28_zps9ee00dd8.jpg

    photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven29_zps9fa41ffa.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven30_zpsb5069c44.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven31_zps4cc1f706.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven34_zps15e093af.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven35_zps2de6036f.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven32_zps4502b5c9.jpg 

   photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven33_zps0182d96a.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Mint Collection one of a kind peach silk, printed vintage silk and printed nylon bias cut dress with antique lace insert, semi open back, antique velvet tie backs and antique velvet removable straps; fits xs-s, $348

To purchase, CONTACT US at mandateofheaven1982@hotmail.com


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sun, a Mandate of Heaven Summer 14 Motion Picture

 Here's a little summer stop motion fun from Mandate of Heaven.
 Models: Abby Merrick, Carissa Ackerman, Jenny Zhang, Julia Arnold, Noelle Lynch

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

New York: A Mandate of Heaven Fall 14 Collection

New York: Mandate of Heaven Fall 14 from mandateofheaven on Vimeo.
A Mandate of Heaven Fall 2014 Collection with Abby Merrick, Aimée Webster, Carissa Ackerman, Monica McClure, PJ Linden, Sara Bender, Shanda Woods & Xhesica Mema
Music; 'New York' performed by Cat Power

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn the 13th

 photo Red-Cat-Mandate-of-Heaven_zpsa38633bf.gif

 photo MorticiaDressComp2MandateofHeaven_zps0a283327.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Morticia Dress photo MorticiaDressComp3MandateofHeaven_zps8bdfd76f.jpg

 photo MorticiaDress1MandateofHeaven_zps310e138a.jpg

 photo MorticiaDress4MandateofHeaven_zpsfb5b6da1.jpg
Opiate Black Organic Bamboo Morticia Dress; made to order in XS-XL; $350; CLICK HERE TO BUY

Mandate of Heaven Fall 13 photo GreenandCreamMandateofHeaven_zps80df97e9.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Fall 13 photo GreenandCreamMandateofHeaven12_zpsfa56a982.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Falll 13 photo GreenandCreamMandateofHeaven13_zps863cd245.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Fall 13 photo GreenandCreamMandateofHeaven15_zps8ebf8259.jpg

 photo GreenandCreamMandateofHeaven16_zps8bdc49b7.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Fall 13 photo GreenandCreamMandateofHeaven18_zpsea5c6e42.jpg
Mint Collection One of a Kind Cream Smocked and Green Quilted Playsuit; size XS; $320; to order, CONTACT US

 photo FallFairieMandateofHeaven11_zps71c5717f.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Fall Faerie photo FallFairieMandateofHeaven16_zpse666b89e.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Fall Faerie photo FallFairieMandateofHeaven15_zpsb4be2b1a.jpg

 photo FallFairieMandateofHeaven14_zpsabe91edd.jpg

 photo FallFairieMandateofHeaven12_zpse58d3670.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Fall Faerie photo FallFairieMandateofHeaven13_zps852cb9f3.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Fall Faerie photo FallFairieMandateofHeaven18_zps7e0ce908.jpg
Mint Collection One of a Kind Sheer Green and Caramel Silk Playsuit with Removable Sleeves; SOLD

 photo BlackTrtleneckMandateofHeaven11_zps6aeb2cb6.jpg

Mandate of Heaven photo BlackTrtleneckMandateofHeaven12_zps3ea9cc58.jpg

Mandate of Heaven photo BlackTrtleneckMandateofHeaven13_zps6e3e3961.jpg

Mandate of Heaven photo BlackTrtleneckMandateofHeaven15_zps738b947d.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Black Bamboo Turtleneck photo BlackTrtleneckMandateofHeavenClose_zps713754cc.jpg

Mandate of Heaven photo BlackTrtleneckMandateofHeaven16_zps82e8b31b.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Black Bamboo Cropped Turtleneck photo BlackTrtleneckMandateofHeaven18_zpsc712a791.jpg
Opiate Organic Black Bamboo Turtleneck; made to order in XS-XL; $85; CLICK HERE TO BUY
Mint Collection One of a Kind Corduroy Cape Skirt; SOLD

 photo RedCatMandateofHeaven11_zps2c58220b.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Blood Cat photo RedCatMandateofHeaven12_zpsddeb483d.jpg 

Mandate of Heaven Blood Cat photo RedCatMandateofHeaven16_zpsb7f8b26e.jpg

 photo RedCatMandateofHeaven14_zpsdca2fc84.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Blood Cat photo RedCatMandateofHeaven15_zps63948134.jpg

 photo RedCatMandateofHeaven18_zps687c595a.jpg
Mint Collection One of a Kind Faux Fur and Organic Bamboo and Cotton Ensemble
Jacket- $270; Shorts- $170; Hat- $105; 3 Piece- $495; CLICK HERE TO BUY

 photo BlandPinkBiasDressCompMandateofHeaven_zps712fc062.jpg 
Mint Collection one of a Kind Bias Cut Gown; Sold

Mandate of Heaven photo RedPlaidandGoldFall13Comp1MandateofHeaven_zps0f8f0f2a.jpg 
Mint Collection Gold, Cream and Mint Tulle 2 Piece; fits XS-S; $335; to order, CONTACT US
Plaid Pants, sold out; for hat and top, see above

Mandate of Heaven photo GoldandCream2PieceComp2MandateofHeaven_zps1ae865b2.jpg 

Mandate of Heaven Longjohns photo LongJohnCompAbbyMandateofHeaven4_zpse3e006e9.jpg
Opiate Hand Printed Breadline Striped Long Johns; made to order in XS-XL; $320-$335; to order, CONTACT US

Mandate of Heaven photo DancingFall13MandateofHeaven_zpsdb8b10ea.jpg
Mint Collection One of a Kind Cream Lace and Pink Playsuit with Mint Cat Patch; fits XS-S; $325
Opiate Organic Stretch Cotton Cat Pocket Shorts, $170; Jeans, $235; Bustier w/Removable Straps, $160, all available made to order
White Faux Fur Kitty Bonnet; made to order in S-L; $105
to order, CONTACT US  
For Red Faux Fur Ensemble see above; Pink, Mint and Cream Top Sold

Evangeline, a Mandate of Heaven Fall 13 Teaser from mandateofheaven on Vimeo.
Mandate of Heaven is an art and design studio specializing in the creation of one of a kind or limited edition fair trade clothing made of vintage, recycled and/or organic fabric. Please enjoy this Spring 13 home movie/mini look book.
Music: Handsome Furs: Evangeline
Models: Abby Merrick, Jessica Gallucci Carissa Ackerman
Location: Mandate of Heaven HQ; Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
For clothing details, to see more of our work, or to make a purchase, please visit:


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